Storehouse is continuing as usual through the summer months. It’s a time when many people can feel alone as others are away on holidays and child care costs or other issues are difficult. Food on the table is often where families feel the hit first. Here’s an overview of our recent work. 

First and foremost the below gives an insight into why we do what we do and continue to provide this service. One of our former clients shared the following:

In early 2017 I found myself in a tough financial situation much like the majority of the community.  I found myself tight with bills and various debts.  A friend had mentioned the local food bank and how generous they are within the town  and that  they are keen to help anyone in a situation like my own, by providing food and a friendly ear.  The food bank has helped me through a difficult period of my life and  now i can call these people my friends. They are able to provide you with fresh food, bread, toiletries and helpful advice.  I am forever grateful to the people who donate their time to this noble and essential cause.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.

All of our volunteers are impacted personally by their work at Storehouse. It’s not only a privilege to serve others but important that each client is treated with dignity, respect and kindness that every person deserves. One of our volunteers shared:

“I have been involved with Storehouse since 2014 and I help with the background upkeep of the foodbank – stocking shelves etc.  I love that Storehouse gives people a helping hand and supports them until they are back on their feet.  For me, faith should be expressed practically and Storehouse feeds those who are hungry, just like we were told to do by Jesus”.

How do people get help?

Storehouse works on a referral voucher system.  Anyone in need can get a voucher from a number of different places including Church Minister,  Citizens Advice Bureau, St Vincent De Paul, GPs, Health Visitors, Social Workers, School Principals/Head of Pastoral Care.  The voucher gives access to six food parcels in a six month period. The parcels are in three sizes: Family, two people or one person.  Each food parcel is thought to be enough to help for most of the week.

No one who comes to Bean There needing help is ever turned away empty handed.  An emergency food parcel will be given which will support them until they can access the voucher system.

Items currently needed for Storehouse

For  July & August Storehouse would especially welcome donations of:

  • Tinned rice & custard
  • Jam
  •  Tinned meat & fish
  • UHT milk
  • Teabags,
  • Rice
  • Tinned fruit.  

We have very good stock of baked beans and tinned soup at the moment – so an alternative donation would be greatly appreciated.

Food must be non-perishable, before the ‘best before date’ and no dented tins please.  Donations of toiletries and baby products e.g. nappies, wipes etc. are also very welcome.

Storehouse increased opening hours

Storehouse now opens three times each week. We added an evening slot to help those who find day time opening hours tricky to access. Opening hours are: 

Tuesday 2.30-3.30

Wednesday 7-8pm

Thursday 2.30-3.30

We operate from Bean There Coffee House on Church Road, Banbridge

Storehouse committee

We have re-established the Storehouse committee and the first meeting was held on 6th June 2018.  It is hoped that every Church which collects food will eventually have a representative at these meetings.  We will meet every 3 months and the committee will take collective decisions on the running of Storehouse, finances etc.


This is now finished and does not run any longer.  However Storehouse can offer bread to anyone in need whenever Bean There is open – no voucher is needed for to access this. Bean There opens 9am -2pm Monday to Friday each week. 

Thank you

Storehouse would like to thank Neil and Sarah Adair for all their work running it and foodshare.  We wish them every blessing for their future.

We value your support

Thank you for your continued support to Storehouse in terms of prayer, finances, volunteer time and food donations.  We are extremely grateful to every single person, organisation and individual who helps us to help others in any way.