The Storehouse Projects

Banbridge Community Foodbank

& The Bridge Pantry

The Storehouse Community Foodbank has been serving Banbridge and the surrounding area since 2013. We are founded on Christian principles and are committed to working with people regardless of religious belief or non- belief. We are simply – local people, helping local people.

The Storehouse building runs 2 different projects.

One of these is Banbridge Community Foodbank and the second one is The Bridge Pantry.

At the Storehouse our fundamental ethos is to consistently demonstrate compassion and dignity. When a client attends one of our sessions we accept them with the utmostcompassion. It’s neither our place to judge an individual’s situation or comment on it, we are there to meet an immediate need and we do that with dignity and respect.  We understand that Very often for a client to actually come to the food bank it can be quite a traumatic journey and we are always mindful of the stigma and negative connotations associated with needing to use our service.

In the past year food parcels we have given out have directly impacted almost 600 local people, from newborn babies to pensioners.  Food poverty in Banbridge is in many ways a hidden issue. Nobody wants to advertise the fact they’re struggling to put food on their family table tables or to give their children fresh fruit and vegetables, but the reality is it’s happening and with the increased costs of living is an increasing problem.

How does Storehouse work?

It runs on a referral system and those wishing to use the foodbank need to have a referral voucher from any of our referring partners. At present, these partners include:

  • GPs at Banbridge Group Surgery,
  • Health Visitors
  • Social Workers
  • Community Advice tel. 028 4062 2201 or by email at
  • St Vincent de Paul (Banbridge) tel. 028 4066 2047
  • School Principals or Head of Pastoral Care
  • Surestart
  • Homestart

 What is the Bridge Pantry?

The Bridge Pantry is here to support people who are facing the difficult choices of either paying essential costs  or providing food for themselves and their family.

Food isn’t free of charge as in the food bank, instead, it’s similar to an ordinary supermarket with a selection of goods offered in a retail-like environment at heavily discounted prices.

You must be registered as a member with The Bridge Pantry to use it.

How does membership of The Bridge Pantry work?

It provides members with the opportunity to shop once per week in our reduced cost food shop for up to 3 months

The membership cost is only paid when you come to the shop for food.  Payment must be made in cash at time of purchase

Who can be a member?

Banbridge Community Foodbank clients will automatically be offered membership after the foodbank support has been completed.

Other households may be referred by local agencies such as Support Workers, Health Visitors, Social Workers etc

For the first time we are now accepting self-referrals where you can contact us directly if you would like to be considered for membership

To apply for membership you must:

  • Be at risk of – or currently experiencing food poverty
  • live in the Banbridge/Rathfriland  area
  • have a low disposable income
  • be willing to discuss how this support will help you

How can you apply?

Please email us at with the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Short explanation of how membership of the Bridge Pantry would help you

Following receipt of your email,  we will contact you and  arrange to meet you and discuss how we can help you.

Support us financially

Throughout this season of COVID-19 we have seen a large increase in the number of families contacting us for help. Every donation no matter how small financially will make a huge difference to struggling families right here in Banbridge. We use the money to buy the foods which aren’t donated, nappies etc and fresh fruit & vegetables.

Donate items in person

The Storehouse is supported by people from all walks of life in our community. We welcome donations of all non-perishable food items from anyone willing to help.

Simply leave your donations at the Storehouse building address below…

The former Coach nightclub- now Grace Generation Church

19-21 Church Square,
Banbridge, BT32 4AP

Tuesday 12 noon to 1pm & Thursday 7pm – 8pm

If this these times don’t suit you can always leave your donation with All4Pets on the Lurgan Road. (51B Church Street, Banbridge BT32 4AA)

Items we currently need

At the moment we would really appreciate donations of the following items…

  • Tinned spaghetti
  • Jam
  • Packets of pasta in sauce
  • Instant noodles
  • Diluting squash
  • Toilet roll
  • Long life milk

19-21 Church Square,
Banbridge, BT32 4AP, Northern Ireland


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