‘ FREEDOM ‘ is the name of our new support group for those in Church family who are currently experiencing difficulties coping with life’s issues. In a safe, non threatening, non judgemental and confidential environment the group will seek to offer help and support through listening, sharing and advising in a sensitive and sympathetic manner.

Meeting monthly in Cafe Bean There, it will be facilitated by Katrina McAuley and Bill Eadie, who named the group after inspiration from John 8. 36. “ so if the Son sets you free you will be free indeed. They firmly believe that God can bring healing and release from strongholds which rob us of joy, peace and contentment.

Katrina explained:

“God really pressed this scripture in on me, he wants us free to live an abundant life for him. We need to speak life and truth where the enemy has told us lies over us and often mental health starts from a trauma. Our bodies and minds put coping strategies in place, most which are ineffective. This then puts a lot of stress on our minds which leads to hopelessness but when we put God’s word into it, a weapon which the world cannot offer, thats where the freedom comes into play.  It’s a two way thing – you must want to be free and God always gives us choice. When you start reading the Psalms, you see the journey King David went through and many more great men and women of God suffered from other forms of mental health. Often it was when they weren’t close to God the enemy sneaked in. The Bible has all the self help we need, it’s funny when you read the worlds’ books they try to to copy God’s word without putting God into it, but the key is God!  We are everything he calls us, quite simple the apple of his eye and many more – imagine telling that to people who all their lives they have been told they are worthless, useless and many more which leads to many mental health issues . We are expectant as we wait and see what God will do.”

Anyone interested in attending or finding out further information should contact Katrina or Bill.