This year as a Church family, we committed to praying and believing God for  ‘one thing’ which we each held dear – many different desires of our hearts, some which appeared hopeless on a human level and others which perhaps had never been aired with another person.

To collectively share the experience of stepping out together in faith was a powerful declaration of trust in God’s love and goodness. As months have passed by many of us are still trusting God in prayer, knowing that His timing is perfect in all things. Some have experienced great joy of having prayers miraculously answered. Here’s Clare’s story:

‘It was so special to me to have my father attend my baptism in Church recently. As some will know, he was rushed very suddenly to hospital in September last year, with a suspected stroke. After a few hours in A & E, his condition deteriorated and they discovered that he had bacterial meningitis and he was moved to ICU where he spent the next two weeks fighting for his life.

When they removed the sedation he did not respond and the Doctors told us to expect the worst. We had to make a decision regarding organ donation and we even went to choose a coffin.

But we did not stop praying and our Pastors and others from our church family continued to pray for a miracle, and came to the hospital to pray with him and laid on hands and anointed him with oil. After three days of no liquids or food, my Daddy started to squeeze our hands and his legs started to move.

God still had plans for him and He brought back to life that which was considered dead!

The doctors and nurses said that he was a miracle and at his recent eight month review with the Consultant she kept saying “He is a miracle!!” He is now at home and is able to walk, talk and be independent in his self care. He can hear with two implants and see with one eye. And he was able to come and witness me getting baptised on sunday morning!! All glory and honour to our God the healer who delights in bringing the dead to life and doing the impossible!’

Claire Emerson