This month we are very excited and humbled to launch a new community initiative called Embrace, a free weekly social evening for adults with learning disabilities. Meeting in our Hub building, at Embrace we seek to enable individuals to reach their full potential, whilst building long-lasting friendships with others.

We offer a relaxed environment that will help to build confidence and self-esteem. Very often due to cuts in resources, the post-school arrangements for adults with learning disabilities don’t give them opportunities to try new things and develop existing skills.

Jodie Douglas who will be leading Embrace shares her heart behind the initiative:

My heart is to empower and build our people up so they can discover all their talents and achieve as many things in life as possible.

Jodie is passionate about making a difference in our community and changing society’s views with regard to disabilities.

“Even a small change can send a big message of love and acceptance to everyone. We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. By showing our love to those in our community with special needs we are showing the love of Jesus. It is our job as Christians to reach out and take the hand of those who society sometimes forgets about. We need to love everyone like Jesus has loved us. God puts these people in our lives to teach us so many things. To help us experience genuine happiness, excitement over little things, something society has forgotten to do. We aim to create an environment that offers hope and love to those who need it more than most. We want to offer a safe environment that shouts “Welcome Home”,  let us help you carry any burdens you have.”

Embrace meets each Tuesday 6.30pm – 8.30pm in the Hub building, Grace Generation.

Please email for registration details.