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Hey parents! We have created content below which will guide you and your children through our ‘Blast Kids’ programme for this weekend. We hope you enjoy…



Lets begin today’s Blast service with your praise reports and praise requests, led by Ryan

Memory Verse

“Don’t live any longer the way this world lives, but let your way of thinking be completely changed. Then you will be able to test what God wants for you, then you will agree that what He wants for you is right. His plans are good, pleasing and perfect.”
Romans 12 v 2


As we come before God today lets worship and give praise to Him! Let us focus our attention on how great He is and remember how much we are loved by Him. Feel free to dance, raise your hands, and do actions to the songs. Have fun!!


Today we are starting a new series all about FREE WILL….let’s follow along with the teaching videos.


Boys and girls this week your challenge is to think of ways you might have made a wrong choice and think about how that made you feel, or maybe the consequences it had, for example getting into trouble because you didn’t follow mum or dad’s rules.

Let’s pray where you are now for God to help you make good choices and to follow His ways in all things we do each and every day. At the bottom of the Blast Online service is a prayer for you to say aloud. Lets each of us do this together in our own homes and believe in our hearts, with faith, that God really will hear our prayers and He will help us in ALL our choices.


Today we have a very fun activity for you to watch and follow along with from special guests…Elodie and her mummy!
You know a recipe is kind of like a PLAN and when we cook or bake its really important to follow a recipe otherwise what we are making probably won’t turn out as we hoped or could even be…..a cooking disaster!!

But if we make a choice to carefully follow all the steps in the recipe then what we are making will turn out just as we planned.

This can just be like us choosing to follow God’s plans and live how He wants us to live instead of us following our own paths. Remember God’s ways are always better than ours and His plans for us are always GOOD.

Don’t forget boys and girls to share with us how your baking turns out.


Dear God,
I thank you so much that you have made me special and unique with a free will. I pray for your help in all the choices I make. Help me to choose to follow Your plans. Help me to make right and good choices everyday. Thank you God that you love me so much and I pray that You help me to choose to show that I love You too. And finally I thank you God for sending Jesus to be the rescue plan for all people, including me.
In Jesus Name, Amen.

Thank you for joining us for Blast Online

Thank you boys and girls and grown ups for joining us today for Blast Online. We look forward to you joining us again next Sunday for another service.

Much love from all the Blast Team!

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