We recently ran a SHINE course at church, with approximately 20 women gathered weekly to learn from this internationally renowned program.

The SHINE course has been running since 1997 with over 20,000 individuals impacted in more than 30 nations. SHINE has also previously been translated into 7 languages.  The course content reinforces that every individual is unique and to celebrate their different strengths, qualities and skills. Women learn that that to value others, we need to first value ourselves.

Debbie Cupples facilitated the course at GGC and gave us an overview of how it went.

‘As a facilitator, Shine blew my expectations out of the water. I knew some women would be keen to come along when posed with the content such as worth, strength and purpose, but what gets me most are the reactions of people who you wouldn’t expect to come along. The feedback from those women was so encouraging and surprisingly honest.  One woman highlighted, “When you get to our age, it’s very easy to think you know it all, but Shine was such a good reminder of things we already are aware of but haven’t rooted in our lives yet.”

Shine gives the tools to solidify head knowledge into heart knowledge. One of the many other benefits of the course was seeing women of all ages connect with each other in a real and authentic way, building relationships that may have previously been overlooked.’

We are planning to run another Shine course soon. Keep an eye on our whats’ on page and Facebook  for details!