Under the disturbed surface of my life
Are a million hiding spots
Where I have buried insecurities, failures, fear, comparisons
And parts of me I felt where insignificant and of no importance
Carefully covered over with a thin layer of strength like ideology
Air brushed life and edited personality
But beneath those layers is an unrest –
An awakening of who I really am
Who is she? This person trying to resurrect within me.
Why Oh God do you stir up what I’ve so deeply buried?
I know why, for you see me- the real me
You know me. You love me
I am not mass produced
I am your unique hand crafted creation
You get me – the way I think and see and feel
For you made me that way
oh God don’t allow me to cover up the treasure you have placed within me
Unearth who I am and may I see what you see
Fill in those gaps and crevices with your Holy Spirit That I can no longer hide who I am
Pour over me your anointing to live as you have called me to
Shake me from my comfort zone
Destroy the distorted mirror that I measure my life by
Show me how my weakness is my strength and my failure is my victory because you are on my side
You are for me and not against me
Wash away doubt and anxiety
Flood me with your perfect peace and presence
Help me build with the blocks you provide –
Faith, hope, love, belief
Pull down those walls that I carefully built
Thinking it was protection when really it was just hiding
Peel back those layers that cover my identity
When I’m sinking remind me that your love is my anchor
You are unfathomable
Your infinite love wipes away all my wrongs
Your grace stands where my sin abounds
You are my God and I am loved by you..
You are my God and I am loved by you

Amy Owens
Heartbeat Poetry