“Each of you has received a gift to use to serve others. Be good servants of God’s various gifts of grace.”  1 Peter 4 v 10.

Meet Samuel, Karissa and Andy, who are part of our team of twelve heading to Romania to use their gifts in service to the people and families they will meet.

IMG_3587Name: Samuel Deane

Age: 19

School/work: Lisburn SERC

A few of your favourite things: Playing sports and working on computers.

Why do you want to go to Romania: I want to go to Romania to serve God and help people.

What are you looking forward to the most?: Experiencing a country I’ve never been to.

What do you think will be most challenging?: Having no wifi would tear me apart and my wee mummy.


IMG_3578Name: Karissa Glenn 

Age: 20 

School/Where do you work: University of Ulster, Belfast

A few of your favourite things: Music, sunshine, dancing, fashion, arty things, dairy milk chocolate, sports and other competitive team games (lol) 

Why do you want to go to Romania?: I have wanted to go on a Mission Trip for a long time and so I was really excited about this opportunity to serve in Romania!  

What are you looking forward to most?: I am excited to get out there and build relationships, spread some joy in the community, and make a lasting impact by showing God’s love in a practical way. Also looking forward to having lots of banter with the team along the way!  

What do you think will be most challenging? The unfortunate 30 degree heat will be tough…Hahaha no seriously, I think it will be challenging to experience a culture so different to what we are used to and to experience first hand the poverty in another part of the world.  


IMG_3582Name: Andy McCann

Age: 17

School: I go to Grasta Christian school and I give music lessons

A few of your favourite things: Music, pizza, cars, and a good laugh.

Why to you want to go t o Romania? To get away from the family for a wee while…just kidding! To get a greater appreciation for all that I have and also, to be a blessing to others.

What are you looking forward to the most?: Gaining a greater appreciation of how fortunate I am

What do you think will be most challenging? Leaving, knowing that there’s so much more we could help with!