Urban Justice

Urban Justice is the umbrella title for all the community programmes that are run by Grace Generation Church. It is headed up by Neil and Sarah Adair who are employed by Grace Generation to co-ordinate all the various projects and events that fall under the Urban Justice initiative.

The heart of Urban Justice is to show the love of Christ by reaching into the community in which we are placed, to help those who are in need, to give hope to those who are struggling with life and to offer skills and training to help individuals excel in their lives and have a better future. All that Urban Justice does is underpinned by Isaiah 58:6-12.

Urban Justice manages ‘The Storehouse’ – Banbridge Community Foodbank, and also runs events for children, young people and seniors as well as a comprehensive Summer Scheme programme which seeks, to benefit, impact and influence our community.

Why not take a few moments to read through the Urban Justice Manifesto to get a feel for the heart of Urban Justice.

Download Urban Justice Manifesto