Storehouse Food Bank

In Autumn 2013 The Storehouse was set up and operated through a number of local churches, founded on Christian principles of working with people regardless of religious belief or non- belief. We are local people helping local people in need from Banbridge to Scarva, Rathfriland, Gilford and beyond if required.

We currently are supported by a team of committed volunteers who simply have a desire to meet the needs of those affected by food poverty. The Storehouse is resourced by several local churches, schools and a number of local businesses. We are totally self-sufficient and currently receive no government funding.

At the Storehouse our fundamental ethos is to consistently demonstrate compassion and dignity. When a client presents at our opening sessions, we accept them with the utmost compassion. It’s neither our place to judge an individual’s situation or comment on it, we are there to meet an immediate need and we do that with dignity and respect. Very often for a client to actually come to the food bank it can be quite a traumatic journey and we are always mindful of the stigma and negative connotations associated with needing to use our service.

In the past year food parcels we have given out have directly impacted almost 600 local people, from new born babies to pensioners. Food poverty in Banbridge is in many ways a hidden issue. Nobody wants to advertise the fact they’re struggling to put food on their family tables or to give their children fresh fruit and vegetables, but the reality is it’s happening and is an increasing problem.