Foodshare is a pioneering scheme which sees surplus food re-distributed to the community completely free of charge. We’re delighted to have several local and national businesses partnering with us in this project. Major chains such as Tesco and Marks & Spencers have joined some of our local favorites; The Richmond Bakery and The Windsor Bakery.

“Foodshare, part of our Urban Justice outreach programme, aims to reduce food waste in our community. “It’s so often the case that if food is not used up, it is dumped – and we don’t want that happening in 2017. “We have already linked up with several local businesses and we hope that even more retailers will come on board. “Foodshare is open to absolutely anyone, all are welcome to come along and take what they want. It’s completely free of charge.
Neil Adair – Coordinator

“We are trying to reduce food waste as much as possible and Foodshare is such a great scheme to be launched in the local area. For us, it’s a fantastic opportunity to give back to our community. We donate anything we have surplus on that day. Schemes like this are an opportunity for us to build relationships with other organisations and get involved in the community.” Katrina Magill – Fresh Foods Manager at Tesco Extra Bridgewater.

“We are delighted to be supporting the Foodshare initiative and doing our bit to reduce food waste. Grace Generation has a heart for the Banbridge community, and this is another example of the compassionate spirit that exists within the church. We hope many people will benefit from the Foodshare scheme, as local businesses give something back to the local community.” Helen McCully – The Richmond Bakery

Foodshare operates from our Hub Building, for information concerning days/times please visit the Grace Generation Facebook Page.

FoodShare is a completely separate entity from the Storehouse Community Food Bank, which is for emergencies upon professional referral.