Imagine you’ve done something wrong. Something very wrong. And just as your deserved punishment is imminent, you are unexpectedly set free. Completely and utterly free and forgiven. And the crazy part of it all, someone else who’s entirely innocent, has willingly taken your place. Say what??? It’s hard to fathom isn’t it?! Yet this is precisely what Jesus did for Barrabas, a hardened seasoned criminal who everyone had given up on, including himself. He did it for Barrabas, and he did it for you. He did for me too, and for him and for her and for them. For your family. For your bestie. For your teacher, your boss, your cousins, your neighbours.

This Easter we will reflect on and celebrate this incredible and unrivalled Exchange given for humanity. Jesus, the One who gave it all.

Friday 19th April – 7.30PM

  • We’d love if you could join us for a time of reflection and expressions of thankfulness to God

Sunday 21st April – 10.30AM

  • Come for an awesome time of celebration and remember the greatest reason for our lives. To thank God for his Son, who gives us life and who is life.